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The JLP Building Group of companies is focused on providing a transparent, well thought out and managed environment to back up the level of service it provides to its customers.  We have built in an ongoing 'system improvement program' that enables us to not only meet the demands of our customers but also to react to our customers' needs and incorporate resolutions.


How we create this situation is predominantly down to the levels of expertise of the staff and, in addition, how we react to their needs, to enable them to complete their tasks.  We want our teams to work happily, efficiently but with sufficient time. To work in a sensistive manner, paying special consideration to the fact that most works are carred out in customers' homes.



We respect the trust that is given when people open their doors to a company such as ours to carry out works and entrust the security of their most personal possessions.  This obviously reigns high on our priorities when we carefully select and train further our site working teams. 



Part of that training is focused at streamlining our structure to create and achieve a 'hassle free' environment to our customers.  We always provide the best possible value to our customers who care about quality building work and we want every pound spent with us to be well spent.  We seek fair and reasonable profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly provide customers value for their investment.