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The Financial Statement

Our financial statement is an easy to read, crystal clear summary of the work you've had done and the individual costs attached to each area.

The area of work is broken down in to easy to understand sections. You dont have to be familer with building terminology to understand it and it is specifically designed to provide clarity.

The format is an Excel spreadsheet and the form is updated on a weekly basis - giving you meticulous control and knowledge regarding the work flow, progress and scheduling.

There are numerous areas of work involved in any one project and our experience has shown that having to re-cap on an agreement or conversation, from a month or two before can be very difficult. Our Financial statments provide notes and updates as they happen, so its easy to look back at your statements to recall any facts or queries you may have, without even the need to ask.

The financial statement acts like a bank statement. It details your figure, your works in detail and your running balance.  Any extras you add on are immediately added to your statement, so you can be rest assured that your statment balance is your 'live balance' and that you're not going to get any nasty surprises further down the line or at the end of the job!

It also provides notes from ourselves as well as the option for you to add your own notes as well - always handy if you just need to get something down on the sheet for us to review. You can upload images and video together with your notes. 

Your work will be filmed from the outset and at regular stages throughout the project. This can be provided to you as its being filmed or as an edited version at the end of your project. You canuse your film to refer to notes on your financial statement. - There is no charge for this and is included as part of your job.

Please email: for an up to date copy of our Financial Statement.