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About The jlp Building group 3rd party build management

The JLP Building Group Ltd project manages its own building company and runs another arm offering similar co-ordination services to building companies on our panel.  We market our building company and separately, we offer the project managemnt element as a service.  We provide continual, consistent ongoing work to our building department and so, we're able to demand trade costs and pass these significant savings on to our customers.


We implement the conditions and ensure that the certification requirements are in place where need be. We provide the builder's customer or the customer's builder with a full breakdown of costs in relation to finances and in turn, manage all finances by way of transparent, easy to read, user friendly, weekly financial statements, updates and drawdown figures. In doing this, we propose, arrange, agree and secure finances for the builder, with our customer, but only release funds to the builder, upon satisfied and approved receipt of our stringent checks and/or Quantity Surveyor Report. This  is completed during the course of the work. This process can normally be done within hours so there's no delay for payment to the tradesmen and guranteed quality of wormanship to the customer. This report details an entire financial account and from this quantifies a fair percentage of funds-to-work to be awarded to the builder. This all happens in the background and requires little or no involvement by the customer (unless you want to) and removes the need for any awkward, unqualified or inexperienced negotiation by the customer directly with the tradesmen.

We're time served builders and we know this business inside out! And its our job to provide this experience to our customers and give the tradesmen structure. We act as mediator between the customer and the builder and in instances where we are simply co-ordinating a third party builder, we take out the all too often confrontational situations that regularly occur between builder and customer.




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In doing this, we take the guess work away from the customer and with our systems, provide the builder or our own building div. with the critical guidance and orchestration needed to guarantee any succesful project.


With our experience, our system processes and industry knowledge, our aim is help overcome some of the numerous issues that are so readily publicised these days.  Dependant on the size of project and if required, all legal contracts are pre arranged and legal requirements are checked and continually reviewed.


The JLP Building GROUP LTD


We undertake a numerous checking procedures with builders/tradesmen we manage and upon approval, we enter them into our panel.


In this instance, any new introductions will be subject to a number of testing procedures and they will only be approved based upon the level of work passed.  For example, if a building company applies to do works in a specific catagory, then they will only be asked by us to do works in those categories.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the main building company to carry out the works correctly or otherwise face removal from the job by us and from our panel.  In the event that works cannot be approved by us, the result may be that we advise to introduce the services of two or three separate firms.  Ultimately, our job is to orchestrate the workers collectively and put in place the guidance they require in the use of our systems.



FEES for co-ordination

Our fees are based upon a percentage of the works quoted.  These percentages depend upon the level of service you require and the extent of systems you wish us to implement or, indeed, the extent you realistically require.  Either way, our percentage fee for management & co-ordination (normally 5%-15%) is usually significantly less than the savings made using our trade costs (normally 20% upto 50/60%)* you secure via our company. Our involvment on-site may be daily, weekly or monthly and our percentage is reflected on the level of service.




Our position is unbiased, and we will undertake to manage works in a fair and considerate way to both customer and our building div.  We understand the respective position of both customer and builder and, more often than not, it is the manner in which these positions are communicated that is the cause or solution to many of any problems.  We are the customers' point of contact if there are any issues and/or the third party building company in question.


Our systems help create a situation that is organised and agreed with all parties before works take place. 

* These percentages are based on typical examples of the works surveyed.



Covering: Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Prestbury, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Poynton, Bramhall, Cheadle, Stockport & surrounding areas

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