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of our work


a job

in progress


the building of the extension

All the site area is prepared and boarded off from general public and members of the household. This secures our position for health & Safety. Footings are dug, strip is placed, drainage installed and insulated slab installed. Then, up goes the brick & blockwork by Dave & Dan.

Existing roof is stripped back and the new roof construction commences. A masterpiece has been designed by the Architect & Structural Engineer - just the sort of challenge for Rob and Micheal.

internal work commences

all internal works commence. This shows the landing area breakthrough. Accrows support all load bearing structures and Mully & Redha get to grips with removing the walls and installing steel structures.

following that, this shows the same landing area after electrical 1st fix being boarded in preparation to skim.

insulation is installed where necessary and on go's the skim - things really start looking like it at this point.


Philip and Mike, uncover a couple of unexpected squatters, two bats have moved in beneath the structure of the window and were found roosting. Laws forbid us to disturb the bats and we were required to report the protectd bats to the Conservation Trust. This actualy caused a whole day delay as we were unable to continue with the work until we were visited by the Conservation Trust.  The window was fitted and the bats had to be replaced back into what I suppose you could call their 'new home'!!


finished landing

squatters found

finished hall

bathroom (before)

bathroom (after)

bedroom (before)

bedroom (mid works)

bedroom (finished)

bedroom (during)

Malc doing his speciality insulation work

kitchen (before and during works)

kitchen (finished)


Pat showing off with the specialist in-situ door cutter


 sample jobsflooring


Redha specialist detailler

Pat expertly carries out our basement damp proof process, hack & slurry, ep40, retro dpm install & membrane fit ready for finishing process

 sample damp proofing


by our specialists


We've just skimmed the walls and Pat, as always, meticulously carries out our stringent cleaning process, post works. We pride ourselves on this and believe this is one area that sets us apart from the rest - Its around 4.30 on a Friday Night and look at the smile on his face! He obviously loves his job!!

The end results in a pristine job and according to the customer, a sparkling clean!! and, a fully certified damp proofed basement!!